(Podcast) Welcome to the Narrated World of Vaccines…(Ep6)

In this episode of The Alchemy of It All Podcast, The Divinely Preserved Healer shifts her focus to the new COVID-19 vaccine. What is it? What happens if you take it *AND* become ill (or even die)? Who do you sue for pain and suffering, or worse, loss of life? Furthermore, there are references to an earlier mandatory vaccine initiative here in the US. (Hint: “Swine Flu 1976” which hurt and killed many.) The lawsuits that followed nearly bankrupted the pharmaceutical industry.

If you are even remotely considering taking the vaccine, then you’ll want to tune in and hear how the gaslighting ways of your leaders, which has resulted in tons of Americans falling for the false flags and other narratives being spun but be forewarned – because your life depends on it. | Recorded on Dee. 28, 2020. | Courtesy of https://divinelypreservedhealer.com.

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