Who We Serve…

We help career-oriented women prioritize self-care by breaking free of limiting beliefs that prevent you from truly being F.R.E.E. - Flourish, Replenish, Enrich & Evolve[d] - in your mind, body, and spirit toward total fulfillment of your unrealized hopes and dreams.

What We Offer…

All services are delivered remotely to all within the continental USA except where prohibited by law.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Life feels stuck or stagnant? Need support and accountability to get realigned and refocused? Explore our coach-led sessions.

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Holistic Wellness

Concerned about your health/wellness? Want to make improvements or need assistance in discovering where to start?

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Holistic Nutrition

Wondering if choosing the right foods, supplements, or herbs can help you reach an optimum level of health and vitality?

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Digital Yoga Studio

Group classes too intimidating?
Hectic work-life schedule?
Feel safer at home?
A friend of technology?

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Energy Healing

Surrounded by stagnant energy? Feeling drained or blocked physically or emotionally? Ready for an healtheir energetic flow?

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Esoteric Courses

Whether you are unsure of your destiny or love exploring what's behind the veil, our online courses help you evolve and elevate.

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Only Need Short-Term Support?

Not ready to commit to a full-length holistic wellness package? Yep, we totally understand! Check out our Holistic Health Care Package (HHCP) LEVEL 2 / General Wellness Support - for new clients only without anyout any identifiable diagnosis. It's a FULL MONTH for moving toward better eating habits and/or weight loss. It consists of an in-depth holistic health questionnaire, an initial 90-minute virtual health consultation, a personalized health plan, and a month of check-ins by email - all for $150.

Personal Self-Care Holistic Packages

Physical health got you down? Wondering how (or even if) holistic wellness and nutrition can you help you move you toward optimum healthy, vitality, and wellness? Check out these all-inclusive holistic health care packages.

HHCP Level 3 / Extra Guidance*

  • • $25 Discovery Session (15-20 minutes) - add'l fee
  • • In-Depth Health History Questionnaire
  • • One 90-minute initial consultation
  • • Full individualized health plan, including herbal recipes, handouts, etc.
  • • 3 months of secure messaging
  • • Two 30-minute follow-up appointments - one per month for two months

HHCP Level 4 / Chronic Conditions**

  • • $25 Discovery Session (15-20 minutes) - add'l fee
  • • In-Depth Health History Questionnaire
  • • One 90-minute initial consultation
  • • Full individualized health plan, including herbal recipes, handouts, etc.
  • • 6 months of secure messaging
  • • Five 30-minute follow-up appointments - one per month for 6 months
  • • 6 months of Bi-Weekly Remote Reiki (3 sessions)

HHCP Level 5 / Wellness Intensive

$1,150/6 months
  • • $25 Discovery Session (15-20 minutes) - add'l fee
  • • In-Depth Health History Questionnaire
  • • One 90-minute initial consultation, includes bloodwork analysis and supplement recommendation
  • • Full individualized health plan, including meal plans w/ recipes, handouts, etc.
  • • 6 months of secure messaging
  • • Eleven 45-minute follow-up appointments - one every two weeks for 6 months
  • • 6 months of Remote Pranic Healing (or Reiki) (6 sessions)
  • • Custom herbal formulations and recommended supplements prepared for you and shipped to you - not to exceed $250
*LEVEL 3: Designed for those with one or more chronic health conditions, in need of one-on-one guidance, goal settings, minor lifestyle suggestions. **LEVEL 4: For getting your life back on track if you suffer from any long-term chronic care issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, insomnia, PMS, asthma, IBS, anxiety/depression, etc., or you’ve been newly diagnosis.
NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, custom herbal concoctions and/or over-the-counter herbal supplements are sold separately.

Client Reviews / Testimonials

"Chris"Holistic Wellness Coaching

“My life coaching sessions with Jaketha were a great help! In the initial session, I wasn’t even entirely sure what part of my life I wanted to work on, but through her guidance and questions, I was able to pick an initial direction and being working on bettering my life. By the second session, I was getting excited and learning new things, and her guidance led me to connections in other areas of my life that I felt also needed work. In the third session, I was excited to share with her my goals of bringing balance to my life by working on multiple areas. Jaketha is skilled at helping you find these connections and areas that need work, so that you can do the work needed to better your life and yourself.”

FREEDOM ON LOCK™ Events Calendar

Ancient teachings with a modern twist, here's our virtual calendar of events:

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(Ep 6) Welcome to the Narrated World of Vaccines…

In this episode of The Alchemy of It All Podcast, The Divinely Preserved Healer shifts her focus to the new COVID-19 vaccine. What is it? What happens if you take it *AND* become ill (or even die)? Who do you sue for pain and suffering, or worse, loss of life? Furthermore, there are references to an …

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(Ep 5) Leading Sheeple to Slaughter

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(Ep 4) Counting COVID-19 Cases: Truth vs Lies

In this episode, The Divinely Preserved Healer provides documentation from the international and federal government agencies, specifically the CDC and WHO, along with various state/local officials on how COVID-19 case numbers are tabulated based on a brand new formula (from the CDC). The state of Louisiana, specifically Caddo Parish, is used as an example in …

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