Recently on our Instagram page, I (Jaketha) posted a screenshot of the word MUZZLE. Why? – because face masks remind me of muzzles and a dog with its trapped snot is a dog without a bark or a bite. Muzzles are typically used on aggressive animals but also on those that are injured or frightened (and need to recover). Based on instincts alone, dogs are more likely to attack/bite those that they sense as a threat – even if that threat is coming from another dog in their immediate space.

Some say putting a muzzle on a dog is inhumane, yet some of these same individuals without question faithfully wear face masks to supposedly protect themselves from COVID-19. Even the government officials have said repeatedly unless you are sick or you are caring for someone sick, you do not need to wear a mask. Interestingly enough, those who decided against wearing a mask in public are treated inhumanely for not going along to get along.

Redefining Viruses & Diseases

Per WebMD, “a virus is a microscopic organism that invades living cells in order to reproduce…Antibiotics don’t affect a virus.” Another source explains: “A virus invades living cells and uses their chemical machinery to keep itself alive and to replicate itself.” Another states: ” A virus is a kind of germ that can cause disease.” Sometimes you might hear the word disease broken down as “dis-ease” with a strong emphasis on the prefix “dis”, which refers to something serving or being an insult or a criticism.

Per the book Numerology for Healing by Michael Brill, a disease is a “manifestation of negative energy in physical form…tied in with karmic lessons that foster change.” (p. 66). On the same page, he defines viruses as “agents for change” that “deal with group sensitivity (2), personal responsibility (6), and individual consequences (8).” He later shares:

Whether electronic or organic, viruses always affect groups. The appearance of a virus is a direct result of poor communication and shirking personal responsibility.” He also points out that in numerology, the words disease and virus are of the same energetic frequency (26/8) for those into numerology.” (emphasis added)

In other words, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is here to usher in change both physically and spiritually speaking.

The Spiritual Symbolism of Masks

Many government officials have warned that wearing a face may provide a false sense of security. Although they encourage people to wear masks when they cannot social distance, both the CDC and WHO can agree on the fact that there is no reliable data to prove wearing a face mask will fully protect against COVID-19 transmission. When viewing spiritually speaking, a physical mask cannot and will not protect you from energetic imbalances that have taken root in one’s mind, body, or spirit.

Physically speaking, a mask implies that one has an invisible bubble protecting them from any sickness or illness. Furthermore, they emphasize division since masks are quite visible; therefore, it’s quite easy to identify see who is and who isn’t wearing one. Aside from ever-mounting racist common in the States, everyone can agree that there’s a clear and present division between those who faithfully wear masks – even in their cars as drive alone – and those who do.

As I have expressed, I choose not to live in fear. Personally, I do not wear masks in public unless required to do so at work or in a medical setting. I’ll even reconsider patronizing any business that “requires” its customers to wear a mask. Oddly enough, those who “armored up” by wearing masks and/or plastic gloves seem to overreact as if they without any layers of protection whenever they encounter someone like me. I’ve seen people nearly knock over food displays to keep from getting close to anyone who isn’t wearing a mask.

Knowing that many are fearful while others may truly be sick due to a compromised immune system, I intentionally choose to social distance from them. Regardless of one’s stance, we can choose to have a difference of opinion without infringing on the will and rights of others. Until the curtain/veil is pulled back, the division will remain.

But What if I Get Sick or Am Diagnosed with COVID-19?

Unfortunately, COVID-19 – energetically speaking – will eventually eliminate those who are against elevating their consciousness and thus refuse to embrace ONE-ness. One can’t embrace ONEless while adhering to and/or ignoring the divisions in the history of our very existence.

Also remember, a virus is – metaphysically speaking – an “agent of change”. Per Brill (2008), one of its functions is “to strengthen an organism by terminating the life forms that cannot change.” In some cases, that termination may not be in terms of germs alone but could take actual lives. On a lighter note, its arrival is to change and evolve your way of thinking and being shedding light on negative patterns that are holding you back and now must be let go of. As I shared in my 2020: The Year of Transformation blog post, a quote shared by Robert Kiyosaki as it relates to the coronavirus recession: “Get healthier and wealthier or go bust!”


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