Natural healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for everything that goes in and out of your body, mind and soul.”
~Richard Schulze


Are clients/guests required to wear masks for/during appointments?

Our services are available virtually to those concerned about COVID-19.

What is a “personalized nutrition protocol” and why do I need it?

For all holistic nutritional appointments, we ask you what is your primary and secondary complaints? We then take details regarding your past health history and current health state to devise for you a personalized nutrition protocol. A personalized nutrition protocol (a/ka/holistic protocol) is a written assessment offering recommendations in the areas of diet/nutrition, lifestyle/exercise, minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements. We even give you future recommendations, especially as it relates to potential lab tests you should consider getting after a discussion with your medical team. These protocols are revised as changes and improvements are made. (see FAQ: “What is your process?” for more details.)

Can I hide or disguise my face during a telehealth session?

We’d hope you wouldn’t want to. 😃 A virtual session is still considered a face-to-face meeting except it’s through an online platform.

If safety or privacy is a concern, telehealth appointments are handled within a private and secure client management application that you access via the web on your portable device or web browser on your PC/Mac.

As of August 2021, we will be able to see clients in person – by appointment only – at our temporary office.

Do you offer free consultations?

Unlike other holistic practitioners, we do not offer free consultations except during free clinics.

Instead, we offer a low-cost pre-consultation for $25 USD, which is nonrefundable.

Pre-consultations are required for all new clients unless otherwise indicated.

It’s during that meeting, we can officially meet one another and if we decide to work together, that fee will be deducted from the price of the service or package signed up for.

Where do we meet for “in-person” appointments?

Unless otherwise stated, all services are delivered or handled remotely.

However, those who live in the Shreveport-Bossier City area, by appointment only, can come for their appointment at our temporary office located at 8575 Fern Avenue, Suite 106-B.

Alternative Health

My doctor dismissed or ignored your interest in holistic health and wellness, what should I do?

Unfortunately, this is the norm. Not all doctors are open to holistic medicine and will deem it quackery.

On the other hand, the pandemic is causing some doctors to rethink their medical offerings and many are moving into integrative medicine. Some were already doing that pre-pandemic.

Integrative medicine clinics are where licensed medical doctors run holistic techniques alongside their medically-trained area to treat their patients.

Per PerMed Central – an online research database ran by the U.S. National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM), integrative medicine is defined as:

Practicing medicine in a way that selectively incorporates elements of complementary and alternative medicine into comprehensive treatment plans alongside solidly orthodox methods of diagnosis and treatment.

There are a few integrative medicine doctors in the Shreveport-Bossier area such as Dr. Nicole Cotter, who focuses on integrative arthritis consultations, and lifestyle medicine doctor, Dr. Karen Pendleton of Pair O’Docs. We will add to this list; however, we do not endorse anyone listed here nor are we in a position to do so. The choice for who you see is totally up to you, right? RIGHT!!! 👍

If I choose to work with you, what is your step-by-step process?

All sessions are provided 100% online and are conducted through a secure video conferencing platform with a client management software application. As contemporary and alternative health providers, we are not licensed medical professionals and thus do not bill traditional insurance. Payment is due at the time of service unless otherwise stated.

  1. Pre-Consultation: Here’s where we meet virtually to see if we are a good fit to work together. This is typically a low-cost, 15-20 minute consultation.
  2. Initial Intake: This is our first holistic appointment in which we meet virtually and discuss your health complaints and review your intake form.
  3. Holistic Plan/Protocol: An initial holistic protocol is typically provided during the initial intake. On occasion, new information is provided during the initial (or even follow-up sessions) that may warrant additional research before a full nutritional protocol can be provided.
  4. Follow-Up Session(s): The average holistic package has two follow-up appointments and in which clients report an update on their progress.
  5. Close-Out: By this point, we’d hope that your goal has been met and you are satisfied with your own progress/outcome. At this point, there is nothing else expected of you. If you are interested, you can pursue other services we may be offering.

For more details of these steps, please review them here.

Is there a physical exam or any tests to be run?

Presently, we do not offer any medical testing since we are not licensed, medical professionals. “Exams” are limited to pulse, tongue, and/or face evaluations. If you participating in a telehealth appointment, such questions will be asked of you in your initial holistic health questionnaire or during your session. 

Whenever tests – such as blood, urine, allergy, and similar tests – are needed, clients would discuss and have such tests conducted by their existing medical team.

Post-lab results could be shared with us for holistic review, which means the standards for health or higher than traditional medical ranges. With holistic health, we go by what’s known as optimum health ranges, which can sometimes identify health issues long before problems show up in traditional test results.

Ultimately, any tests needed should be conducted through one’s licensed healthcare provider especially since such testing is usually covered by traditional insurance.

Do you provide nutritional supplements or offer CBD products?

Through FullScript – a virtual dispensary, our clients can explore and purchase practitioner-grade nutritional supplements at reduced costs.

Some products listed on FullScript may be available over the counter at health food stores like Whole Foods but at much higher costs.

Please note you are not required to purchase from FullScript if you can find the desire products elsewhere.

At this time, we do not offer CBD products but we do make and/or provide recipes within your personalized nutrition protocol for herbal recommendations.

Are you medical doctors? Do you write prescriptions?

We identify as unlicensed complementary and alternative health providers/vendors. In the simplest of terms, we are holistic wellness coaches. We do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Per the Louisiana law (exemption, RS 37:1742.1), we serve as unlicensed vendors meaning: “Any person who provides information or makes recommendations regarding lifestyle modifications, food, dietary supplements, or homeopathic remedies, for a consulting fee….” Therefore, we are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, but we can and do work alongside you and your existing medical team (if desired).

Please note that herbal therapeutics do not replace medical diagnosis or treatment. However, we do offer access to practitioner-grade vitamins, minerals, and supplements via FullScript – a virtual dispensary also used by many licensed medical professionals.

Drugs, Prescriptions & Vaccines

I’m strongly considering the COVID vaccine, but I’m still unsure, can you help me?

Honestly, to take or not take the COVID vaccine is a personal and private decision. Although it may not seem like it today with family, friends, workplaces, and even the media – swaying people to take the vaccine. What’s not being emphasized is how long-term exposure to excessive fear can manifest in the physical body as real symptoms that may cause you to believe you are sick when you really aren’t.

Aside from reports of new variants of COVID, other fears include concerns regarding if employers will mandate vaccines, how long the international travel bans will remain in place, and what will be required to visit a country (in the future), and on and on and on. I  strongly suggested doing your own research. Tap into your inner wisdom. Combined your intuitive/gut feelings alongside good research skills.

Simply exploring the possible side effects of the vaccine against any known medical conditions you currently have could save your life and thus make that decision for you. Again, the choice is yours and yours alone and you don’t have to publicize that choice to anyone.

If you choose not to get vaccinated but a vaccine mandate is enforced, check out this guest post: How to Say No to the COVID-19 Vaccine by Richard Enos. Lastly, feel free to contact us for life coaching to explore your lifestyle options should the COVID vaccine become mandatory.

I’ve taken the COVID vaccine and now I regret it, can you help me?

Unfortunately, it really depends. If someone has had one or more doses of the COVID vaccine and is seeking a holistic practitioner, it could be because they are experiencing either minor but annoying post-vaccine symptoms or worse, more serious health issues.

On the other hand, one may have no symptoms at all but is now regretting that decision and seeking ways to reverse or neutralize the vaccine’s effects. Nevertheless, please let us know early on if your health concerns are post-vaccine related along with telling us which vaccine you took: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson.

Post-vaccine clients will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Do I really need to share any and all drugs that I’ve taken? 😨

First off, this is a no-judgment zone so yes, it’s imperative that you share any and all drugs that you have taken including prescription, over-the-counter (OTC). herbal remedies, and yes – illegal substances too. Since we do make herbal and supplement recommendations, we need to know if anything you are currently taken could cause an adverse interaction with our suggestions.

This is also true as it relates to diagnosed diseases and illnesses because some herbs, nutrients, and drugs can be contraindicative to one another. As a precaution, we actively refer to the latest editions of the following titles: AHPA’s Botanical Safety Handbook and Herb, Nutrient, and Drug Interactions by Mitchell B. Stargrove and others, along with seeking advice from private holistic collegiate groups. When a case is beyond our scope, we will always refer a client to seek out a licensed medical professional or refer them to a more experienced holistic practitioner.


Do you offer a sliding scale or payment plans?

At present, we do not offer sliding scales. However, some packages allow for partial payments, starting with a deposit followed by regular monthly payments thereafter.

To explore low-cost options, please join our mailing list to stay abreast of upcoming free community clinic offerings.

What are your fees for holistic consultations?

Fees are posted on our client booking site located here.

Some services and fees are only visible to existing client portal members.

Please note that holistic consultations are typically not covered by insurance; therefore, all fees are due at your appointments.

Interested in payment plan options, please see Do you offer a sliding scale or payment plans? for more details.

Do you accept insurance? Are tests covered by insurance?

As an unlicensed complementary and alternative health provider/vendor, we cannot accept traditional insurance and thus operate as a self-pay practice.

Unless on a payment plan, clients pay for their visits or treatments (“sessions”) at the time that service is rendered whether in-person or online.

Unless otherwise stated, packaged services for wellness packages are due in full at initial sign-up (or soon thereafter).

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