Blood is that fragile scarlet tree, we carry within us.
~Osbert Sitwell

The best way for a holistic practitioner to identify areas of potential concern is through a blood chemistry test, commonly referred to as annual bloodwork, which serves as an effective and inexpensive tool to assess your major bodily functions and thus screen and identify imbalances in the body metabolism. Jaketha has learned the skills to analyze blood chemistry panels. For those who wish to go through with us, she can further use your blood analysis reports providing sound holistic wellness/nutrition recommendations, along with helping you to create a maintenance plan for screening and monitoring health conditions and other changes.

Pathological vs Functional Analysis: What’s the Difference?

For those familiar with regularly having annual blood work run by their primary care physician (PCP), then you probably didn’t know those tests are based on pathological findings, which are used by doctors to diagnose disease.

From a holistic perspective, there is another way to read bloodwork known as the functional analysis, which assesses the risk for the disease long before the pathological (or conventional) results can ever reveal. With that said the lab test results from your medical doctors utilize the pathological range, which typically identifies health issues as “normal” when indeed they are “out of order.”

By the time, the pathological results match up with the client’s actual symptoms, the potential for disease is much higher prompting more rigorous medical treatment. Through functional (or optimal) analysis, results are analyzed using tighter ranges and thus increase the ability to detect metabolic health patterns and trends in the body early on. This method will help to pinpoint multiple nutritional and metabolic deficiencies as well as identify potential organ dysfunction.

Depending on the severity of your current symptoms, we recommend a full chemistry panel and CBC on every client to:

  • Establish a working baseline, especially if you have not had any recent blood chemistry work done.
  • To assess your current state of health and identify patterns and trends from previous testing.
  • To use as an indicator for potential nutritional and/or metabolic imbalances and to establish a comprehensive holistic wellness plan.

In some cases, you may need to repeat the full chemistry panel and CBC on a biannual or annual basis.

How Does It Work / Where Do I Sign Up?

First, you should sign up for a pre-consultation with us. During that 20-minute period, you can share your holistic wellness goals or interests, along with briefly discussing any health concerns, and we’ll determine the best blood chemistry test for you and whether or not more recent testing is needed/preferred.

Next, if you do not have any recent blood chemistry lab results (>less than 12 months), we can utilize our third-party partnership with Ulta Lab Tests to have your blood collected and processed through a Quest Diagnostics lab near you. You can sign up directly on Ulta Lab Tests, or you can let us do the leg work for you. Simply, sign up via Healthie for the HHCP Level 1A – Full Bloodwork Analysis – Done for You instead. When this limited-time offer package is available, it means you pay us and we not only perform your bloodwork analysis plus your prespecified consultations but we also take care of the majority of your ULT arrangements.

On the other hand, those with existing blood results (preferably within the last six months), can bypass ULT and sign up via Healthie for our HHCP Level 1 – Full Bloodwork Analysis, which also includes an hour-long review of your blood work plus a 30-minute follow-up for answering any additional questions within a three-month period from the initial consultation.

HHCP packages are only viewable to certain active Healthie account holders. Having an active Healthie account with us does not mean you are an active client. In this case, active clients are those who are currently signed up for a paid holistic package (or service), specifically, a select HHCP package, that is in progress and thus has not been fully fulfilled. For additional information, please see the Appointments and the Bloodwork sections of our FAQs.

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