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To Get the Jab or Not…? Making the Right Decision for Your Body

UPDATE #1: As of August 23, 2021, Pfizer has received full FDA approval of its Covid vaccine named Comirnaty. UPDATE #2: As referenced below, COVID vaccines do not qualify for compensation through any government-funded, vaccine injury program. Since March 2020, we’ve all been through a lot with mask and vaccine mandates used to “combat” SARS-CoV-2. In …

(Ep 6) Welcome to the Narrated World of Vaccines… The C19 Simulation is Live & in Full Effect

In this episode of The Alchemy of It All Podcast, The Divinely Preserved Healer shifts her focus to the new COVID-19 vaccine. What is it? What happens if you take it *AND* become ill (or even die)? Who do you sue for pain and suffering, or worse, loss of life? Furthermore, there are references to an …

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