Whether we realize it or not, we all experience gut feelings for various issues daily. Some of us have learned to trust that inner knowing, while others have grown doubtful of our consciousness. Yet for those open to hearing from God/Spirit/Source, we learn to appreciate and rely on our intuition as it helps bridge the gap between the conscious (3D) and unconscious (5D), between our minds and our Higher Selves. In other words, when you and I are in tune, in alignment with the flow of the Universe, we are in flow within: “As above, so below….as without, so within.” We can better listen to our needs and make decisions in our best interest.

Often, people seek an INTUITIVE READING because they need a second opinion or a Divine confirmation regarding a specific matter or circumstance. Participating in an intuitive reading with a divinely-aligned reader, whether through a free collective reading (like on YouTube) or through a paid reading – is still a partnership in which everyone connects with the Universal God to extract answers or validation regarding something that “you already have an inner knowing about.” It should never be heard, received, or utilized as if making a wish, getting one’s fortune read, or treated as a lucky charm. In a nutshell, an intuitive reading is usually a general (or topic-specific) session in which the reader will utilize their intuition along with (or without) tarot or oracle cards. All an intuitive reader is doing is petitioning God/Spirit on your behalf for answers to a general or of a specific nature. Based on the heart of the topic, there is no guarantee a response will be received or that it will be a straightforward course of direction.

Not all readers are created equal, as not all possess or operate with the same or similar spiritual gifts – some have psychic gifts, others empathic, intuitive abilities, and others something altogether different or combined. Furthermore, some use other tools, including but not limited to tarot versus oracle cards but also playing cards, bones, or tea leaves. Aside from that, the mode of presentation varies by the reader. Some give private readings face-to-face, distant readings via email, or recorded video. Some also give free collective readings plus monthly zodiac readings for the Collective. Finding a reader with whom you feel a strong connection is best. Lastly, try not to shoot Messenger. A good reader isn’t biased and certainly won’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Always keep this in mind; intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only!

“You must train your intuition – you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.”
~ Ingrid Bergman


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