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(Ep 5) Leading Sheeple to Slaughter Counting COVID-19 Cases & Face Masks (Cont.)

In this episode of The Alchemy of It All Podcast, The Divinely Preserved Healer continues her focus on inflated COVID-19 case numbers and continues by taking a look at inflated COVID-19 deaths. Additional insights are provided on COVID-19 deaths as defined by WHO along with the dangers of wearing face masks, especially for extended periods of …

(Ep 3) Face Masks: To Wear or Not to Wear… Serious Health Risk or Not?

In this episode, The Divinely Preserved Healer provides a timeline with direct quotes from various government officials on whether the general public should or should not wear face coverings of any kind. The most recent “ruling” is shared via an audio clip straight from the mouth of WHO. Needless to say, the same organizations are …

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