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(Article) To Get the Jab or Not…? Making the Right Decision for Your Body

UPDATE #1: As of August 23, 2021, Pfizer has received full FDA approval of its Covid vaccine named Comirnaty. UPDATE #2: As referenced below, COVID vaccines do not qualify for compensation through any government-funded, vaccine injury program. Since March 2020, we’ve all been through a lot with mask and vaccine mandates used to “combat” SARS-CoV-2. In …

SUGAR: The Sweetest Danger Accessible to All The Hows & Whys for Reducing Your Sugar Intake

It’s probably safe to say that well over 80% of the products found on the shelves of your favorite grocery store contain sugar in some form of fashion. Pick a store and go down any aisle, and I challenge you to find items that DON’T contain sugar. What’s crazy is that you can’t rely on …

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