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Five Summer Herbs that Heal

An herb is any component of a plant that may be utilized for flavoring or medicinal purposes. Herbs for relaxation so you can sleep and herbs for pain relief or water retention have the added benefit of not having the adverse effects of pharmaceutical treatments. Herbs and Reiki may help you achieve your ideal state …

Black Pepper for Digestion & More… (L.) Piper nigrum

In this herbs and spices spotlight, we’ll explore the popular “king of spices” – black pepper also known as black peppercorn, pepper, and piper. Derived from an Indian name, its “genus name comes from the Latin name from the Greek word peperi” Ā ( Furthermore, “the word pepperĀ comes from the SanskritĀ pippali,Ā meaning “berry” (Franklin, 2o19).Ā Per the Healing …

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