Before we begin, let’s expose “the truth”. Although there has been a lot of talk about the drug hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19, this is under debate. For example, per the CDC: “There are no drugs or other therapeutic presently approved by the FDA to prevent or treat COVID-19.” (Source)  The same goes for natural medicines: “There are no vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutrients or other natural medicines that have been shown in human clinical trials to prevent or treat Covid-19.” (Source) However, videos have popped up by doctors who say there is a combination of drugs that work to treat corona is used in early stages. So, if the government will have us believe there is no hope except through a vaccine, will we continue to accept such foolishness and willingly remain in a permanent state of lockdowns? Is that even feasible? Check out this 10-minute YouTube video from Sky News Australia entitled COVID is not and ‘has never been a pandemic’ – start around 3:49 mark.

If you made it this far, here are a few holistic suggestions for keeping corona and any other “dis-ease” away:

  1. Practice stillness of the mind to reduce stress and clear the mind. It doesn’t have to be in the form of sitting in lotus for long periods of time.
    • What is it you like to do? That thing that helps you [to] clear your mind. Whether it’s cooking, baking, or cleaning, going on a nature walk/run/jog, listening to music, reading a book, and the list goes on.
    • Before you begin your activity, consider setting an intention before you begin. This ensures that your your mind, body, and spirit are in a heightened state of awareness, bringing in exactly what you need: clarity, peace of mind, etc.
    • Assess your environment including the people, places, and things that are not for your highest good.
  2. Adopt an exercise program based on body or blood type. 
    • There are a few different types of body types such has hourglass, straight or boyish, apple or pear shapes. (“The Best Workout for Your Body Type” by Shape Magazine)
    • Another option is Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body which includes chair yoga, pregnancy moms, etc.
    • A popular book on blood type is Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type (Revised and Updated). This title is available in various formats, such as hardcover, paperback, audio CD, Kindle, etc.
  3. Enhance your immune system and gut health. Keep in mind everyone’s gut is different so start with small doses to allow your body time to adjust. However no vitamin, mineral, supplement, or the like can “fix” an unstable mind and a toxic environment and when misaligned, it plays a role in your body’s ability (or better stated inability) to heal itself.

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