Solstice is defined as “an event in which a planet’s poles are most extremely inclined toward or away from the star, it orbits,” which in our case is the sun. (

Today (12/21) is the Winter Solstice or the first “official” day of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. In many traditions, this day is considered the best day to transition to the new season by winding down (REST), thinking over the previous year (REFLECT), and setting intentions for the year ahead (“WRITE THE VISION…”).

One source states the Winter Solstice is considered the season’s “dark night of the soul,” which is why it’s the best time to identify where you’ve been and thus what you are ready to let go of, then decide on what you want to do differently going forth, set intentions and plan toward such. (Read on How to Celebrate the Winter Solstice…)

Unfortunately in the Western World, many of us wait until after the actual “New Year” to set AND start working toward BIG goals, only to find ourselves burnt out and disappointed in a few months after having failed to meet them. I believe that our failure is tied to our inability to fully understand or embrace the spiritual significance of the seasons. For example, Winter is associated with the water element.

Depending on its usage, water can be used in its yang energy for quenching thirst, providing moisture, or cooling down parched lands, organs, etc. Or, it could be taken advantage of and or disregard in its yin energy leading to damage, destruction, or worse, loss of life. Simply put, water asked us to slow down and go with the flow.

As an element, water is linked with the kidneys, which further links to the negative emotions of chronic fear, insecurity, indifference, and isolation. This is why so many people fall into a state of depression during the holiday season as people, places and things, reemerge in our minds. It’s also why emotions are high when people are in the midst of long-lost relatives with whom you may or may not have the best relationship.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, winter is the best time to set goals, while spring is the best time to actually put your goals into action. Winter is about rest and reflection while Spring is about rebirth and growth. It’s in the Spring when we should be executing our plans for the new sun, new life ready to spring forth in and through our own spirits as well as in Nature itself. 🙏🏽

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