The Divinely Preserved Healer is a proud partner member of the Open Path Healing Arts Collective (OPHA).

In partnership with licensed or certified holistic health practitioners in private practice throughout the United States, Open Path Healing Arts Collective provides middle and lower-income level individuals with access to affordable healing arts care. Holistic health practitioners are vetted by a peer-reviewed online application process.  The initiative was established in 2013 as a movement of professionals that believe in affordable holistic health care for all. Via a three-step process, Healing Arts helps you connect with a practitioner of your choice:

SEARCH: You as the potential client – would locate a Healing Arts practitioner in your area (or state), then submit an application and a one-time membership fee of $49.

CONNECT: If the Healing Arts practitioner has availability, she/he/they would see the client for $30-60 per session, which is paid directly to the practitioner.

SCHEDULE: The Healing Arts client and practitioner’s relationship is identical to any other client in the practitioner’s caseload. The only difference is the fee scale.

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