(Article) Coronavirus: What is this Really All About?

For over six weeks, I’ve been shelter-in-place trying to wrap my head around what is really going on with this whole pandemic. But thankfully, Spirit has been pushing me in the right direction through videos by forerunners like Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, David Icke, and many more. But in all truth, I’ve seriously wondered:

  1. Is the coronavirus real or fake?
  2. Is it natural or man-made?
  3. Wouldn’t it enter the body via one’s bloodstream and not through ‘respiratory droplets’?
  4. Is there a connection between the coronavirus and the flu vaccine?
  5. Isn’t this “virus” something we already carry in our bodies? If so, why is it flaring up now?
  6. When did dying from “natural causes” become extinct?
  7. What is the real agenda behind COVID-19?

Relocation Papers: A Dream

Before I share my findings, I need to share a dream from Halloween 2015.

I was standing in a line in the foyer of a distinguished government building. It felt as if everyone who lived in my local area was required to ‘show up and check-in’. People were in line by their last name.

I was in business attire and when it was my turn, I reached for my ID but before I could give it to the woman before me, she immediately began searching for my name amongst the white boxes on the table.

Finally, she pulled out a letter-sized document, which I though was weird since legal documents are printed on legal-sized paper. That had me questioning whether or not if this ‘showing up to be counted’ was even necessary. Nevertheless, the government was forcing everyone to comply with leaving their homes and handing over their house(s) and land. The question now was is this temporary or permanent?

As I held the ‘unofficial looking document’, I couldn’t make out the tiny print on the page. However, the wording across the top – in huge font – was the words: WHITE HURST. Suddenly, a second sheet appeared in my hand as I was holding the first one. Across the top of it was the words WHITE CORNER.

The lady sitting before me looked (and sounded) like a programmed robot. It was obvious she was giving me ‘canned responses’ to where I was to ‘report to’. She was pointing at the original sheet completely oblivious that another sheet had magically appeared before my very eyes. As she pointed, the pages kept flipping on their own and I couldn’t figure out what she was referring too. I finally interrupted her to ask which piece of paper she was talking about? That question alone snapped her out of her trance-like state. Like a switch had been flipped, she – almost whispering – started speaking quite candidly about what I needed to do as if the second page changed the whole outcome.

As I listened to her, the impression I got was that everything was not as it seemed. What seemed like a routine check-in with the government would turn into sinister event. Soon, may unassuming individuals would be led to slaughter. I came to the conclusion that one place was where the masses would be sent and all of them would be killed and/or tortured somehow. (Remember HURST sounds like HEARSE!) Meanwhile, the other place was where “I” was to go. It was only for a select few and was considered a safe haven. Those granted the privilege to go there would remain there until everything had blown over then they could return back to their normal lives.”

The Agenda in Plain Sight

In a nutshell, I estimate that COVID-19 is real but nothing to be fearful of if you are currently in good health AND you’ve abstained from giving annual flu shots. Just as I suspected, Dr. Buttar revealed that the technology that makes up this virus has been included in flu shots for at least a decade. So, if you have been getting regular flu shots, then you are already being exposed to the COVID-19 toxins, which may (or may not) show up in a “test”. Once 5G is activated, the radiation from it in correlation with the toxins already in your system is what will make you ill. Weeks ago, I heard Dr. Andrew Kaufman – if I am not mistaken – once you’ve gotten the flu shot for three consecutive years, you will likely get the flu in the fourth year.

If you get nothing else from this post, get this: The Coronavirus agenda is another way in which the powers that be are working to hijack human consciousness. The real agenda is to use COVID-19 to push MASS EXECUTION among those who are willing to be injected with a never-before-tested vaccine for something cooked up in a lab that would otherwise be a part of our bodies ecological system without causing any major harm to our well-being anyway. For those of us who do survive or even for those who refuse the vaccine, even more questions arise:

  • Like the H1N1 vaccine, will it kill everyone who gets it?
  • Will the government force the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine on everyone?
  • Will those who refuse it be ostracized from the rest of society? Will their homes and properties be confiscated?
  • Is the vaccine being pushed to further depopulation of the Earth? Are they aiming for a certain portion of the population in addition to the elderly?
  • Will school-age children be required to have this vaccine to enroll/continue in public (or even private) schools?
  • Will non-healthcare employers require the vaccine for their employees, contractors, etc.?
  • Will government-issued insurance programs require the vaccine for new enrollees or for continued coverage?

These are even more questions to seriously ponder. In the meantime, a spiritual medium that I followed on social media summed it all up this way:

  1. COVID-19 is man-made.
  2. It acts as a nerve agent (or a neurotoxin) affecting the cells, central nervous system (CNS), lungs, and other organs.
  3. 5G technology, which works through cellular towers and even smartphones (AND hasn’t and won’t be tested), doesn’t cause COVID-19 but once activated will trigger the neurotoxins absorbed from the flu shots and other vaccines taken, producing virus-like symptoms.
    1. My 2 cents: As a result, more people will display coronavirus symptoms thus giving the government just cause to say: “See, even healthy people are getting sick and testing positive for COVID-19.”
    2. This will certainly raise the LEVEL OF FEAR weakening one’s immune system even more and pushing many to willingly seek out the COVID-19 vaccine even if the government does not make it mandatory. (An example of taking the “mark of the beast”.)
    3. Combining 5G and existing neurotoxins will have minor to damaging effects on one’s cells, CNS, respiratory system, and more. Unfortunately for those with certain underlying pre-existing health conditions, they could easily become extremely sick and possibly die.

Food for Thought:

Aside from the questions already shared above, here are some others for you to “chew on”. Rest assured, if it’s not your time to depart this life then awareness is key. As Robert Kiyosaki shared in London Real’s webcast entitled: How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession: “Get healthier and wealthier or go bust!”

  • Would you take the vaccine especially if required by the government, your employer, etc.?
  • What rights are you willing to give up if you refuse the vaccine?
  • Are you prepared to possibly be ostracized for not taking the vaccine?
  • What actions are you taking right now to protect yourself and your family?
  • What role are you planning in getting the truth out there?
  • When is the last time you went outside and soaked up some sunshine, breathe some fresh air?
  • How about hugged someone you loved?

Everything they are telling you to do will surely expedite your death: social distancing, wearing a mask, getting a vaccine, etc. Don’t believe me, then check out the links provided below.

In the meantime, please don’t willingly hand over your freedoms. Pray and hear from God/Spirit for yourself. I’m sure you’d hear Spirit say, “Live your life to the fullness and let Me take care of the rest.”



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