Simple Lemon Water Recipe

Contrary to popular belief, just putting a few lemon slices or wedges into a glass of water does not mean you are drinking lemon water. While this is a great way to make water taste good when you are trying to hydrate and drink fewer soft drinks and other beverages that arenโ€™t good for you,...

Kava Cocount Creamer

“Add Kava Coconut Creamer to your Warm Caress Tea, set an intention for the unfolding of this evening, and while the tea simmers, knead your intention into the coconut milk along with the kava goodness.” (Source) Hard to come by, Kava (Piper methysticum) is an exotic ceremonial herb grown and used in the Pacific Islands....

Warm Caress Tea

Whether for an intimate night with your significant other (or a self-love regime), here’s the perfect herbal tonic of the tea of the aphrodisiac kind. Light some candles, turn the lights down low, and put on your favorite soft and sultry music and enjoy!

Five Flavors Wellness Tea

This wellness tea recipe is a tasty way to provide deep nourishment that soothes your nervous system and broadly supports your immune system. For best results, enjoy regularly.

Elderberry Tea for Sniffles, Congestion, Aches & Pains

Elderberry is a popular herb, found in a large number of over-the-counter cold and cough syrups, is commonly used to fight viral infections, such as the common cold and flu. “The following herbal tea combines the cold- and flu-fighting qualities of elderberry with the warming and stimulating properties of several pungent herbs: ginger (Zingiber officinale),...