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What is your step-by-step process? How does this work?

All sessions are provided 100% online and are conducted through a secure video conferencing platform with a client management software application. As a contemporary and alternative health providers, we are not licensed medical professionals and thus do not bill traditional insurance. Payment is due at the time of service unless otherwise stated. Pre-Consultation: Here’s where …

Is there a physical exam or any tests to be run?

For nutritional appointments, we do not conduct any in-person, physical examinations outside of pulse, tongue, and/or face evaluations, which can be conducted remotely during one’s telehealth session or by answering questions via a holistic health questionnaire or within a session. Presently, we do not offer any medical testing. Ideally, clients would have blood, urine, allergy …

Do you provide nutritional supplements or offer CBD products?

Through FullScript, clients can explore and purchase practitioner-grade nutritional supplements; however, you are not required got purchase from there if you can find the desire products elsewhere. At this time, we do not offer CBD products but we do make herbal recommendations for all holistic protocols.

Are you medical doctors? Do you write prescriptions?

No, we are not licensed doctors, dietitians, or other related licensed health care providers. We identify as unlicensed complementary and alternative health providers/vendors. In the simplest of terms, we are holistic wellness coaches thus we do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Per the Louisiana law (exemption, RS 37:1742.1), we serve as unlicensed …

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