Is there a physical exam or any medical tests to be run?

“Exams” are limited to pulse, tongue, and/or face evaluations. If you participating in a telehealth or phone appointment, then such questions may be asked of you during your initial holistic health session. 

Whenever tests – such as blood, urine, allergy, and similar tests – are needed, clients should utilize their insurance in partnership with their current medical team for having tests conducted. Always request printouts of your lab results, which we can use to provide a bloodwork analysis. As an FYI, holistic ranges are quite different form traditional medical ranges as it relates to identifying potential illnesses early on. With holistic health, we go by what’s known as optimum health ranges, which can sometimes identify health issues long before problems show up in traditional test results.

Ultimately, any tests needed should be conducted through one’s licensed healthcare provider especially since such testing is usually covered by traditional insurance.

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