If I choose to work with you, what is your step-by-step process?

Unless otherwise stated, all sessions are provided 100% online and are conducted through a secure video conferencing platform within a client management software application. (We don’t use Zoom!)

As contemporary and alternative health providers, we are not licensed medical professionals and thus do not bill traditional insurance. With that said, payment is due at the time of service unless a payment plan is in place.

For holistic nutrition and herbalism consultations, we typically follow these steps:

  1. Pre-Consultation: Here’s where we meet virtually to see if we are a good fit to work together. This is typically a low-cost, 20 minute consultation.
  2. Initial Intake: This is our first holistic appointment in which we meet virtually and discuss your health complaints and review your intake form.
  3. Holistic Plan/Protocol: An initial holistic protocol is typically provided during the initial intake. On occasion, new information is provided during the initial (or even follow-up sessions) that may warrant additional research before a full nutritional protocol can be provided.
  4. Follow-Up Session(s): The average holistic package has two follow-up appointments and in which clients report an update on their progress.
  5. Close-Out: By this point, we’d hope that your goal has been met and you are satisfied with your own progress/outcome. At this point, there is nothing else expected of you. If you are interested, you can pursue other services we may be offering.

Services such as energy work, private yoga, do not follow these steps. For more details of the above steps, read more here.

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