If you have ever read about manifesting things in your life, you are probably aware of a vision board. Whether they are goals and ambitions, or your hopes and dreams, vision boards allow you to add pictures and words that reflect what you want in (and out of) your life. You can create a new one for any new season or whenever it suits your fancy. If you don’t have one, or haven’t revisited yours in awhile, perhaps today is the perfect time for a vision board. Here are a few tips for creating your a Spring vision board:

Use Spring Colors

To really make this a spring vision board, it helps to have a theme to get you in the spirit. A great way to do that is by using spring colors. While these can be any colors or patterns that remind you personally of the season, it could easily include pastels or lighter versions of your favorite colors. Consider baby blues, light greens – like jade or mint, pastel violets, and baby pinks. A little yellow mixed in is also perfect for spring.

Include Flowers and Gardening

For decorating your spring vision board, you can use a lot of beautiful spring flowers and other gardening images. If you want to create a garden someday, find images of your dream garden, both in size and layout, and the actual flowers you might include. If you just want flowers for decoration and the spring theme, try hyacinths, bluebells, tulips, and lilies of the valley. These are all in season during the spring. Consider visiting an arts and crafts store for stickers (or fake flowers) of your favorite (or desired) flower and herb.

List Your Health Goals

If you want to lose weight, get fit, or take care of your mental or physical wellness, the spring vision board is perfect. To make it a reality, add cut-out words, lists, and images that reflect your personal health goals. Remember it isn’t just about weight loss – but wanting to eat healthier foods, get more exercise, and take care of your mental and emotional health just as much as your physical health.

Plan Out Your Spring Wardrobe

Another fun thing to include on you Spring vision board is your wardrobe. Been working on physiqu? Is there something you really want to wear? Are you bored with your current outfits? Whether its an Easter outfit or a casual outfit, well start putting together your dream outfits on your vision board.

If you’re familiar with vision boards, then share below any special sections you included in your vision boards. If you’re new to vision boarding, then share any special ideas you added your board in the comment section below. 💭

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