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Herbs & Spices: Stinging Nettle for Small Intestines, Bladder & Lungs (L.) Urtica dioica

PHYLOGENETIC INFORMATION: Phylum: Angiosperm Class: Eudicot Family: Urticaceae Genus: Urtica Species: Urtica dioica Common Names: Nettle, Common Nettle, Nettle Leaf A flowering plant, Urtica dioica, better known as Stinging Nettle (or Nettle), falls within the Urticaceae family, the Urtica genus, and the dioica species. U. dioica consists of 45 genera and 550 species worldwide with …

SUGAR: The Sweetest Danger Accessible to All The Hows & Whys for Reducing Your Sugar Intake

It’s probably safe to say that well over 80% of the products found on the shelves of your favorite grocery store contain sugar in some form of fashion. Pick a store and go down any aisle, and I challenge you to find items that DON’T contain sugar. What’s crazy is that you can’t rely on …

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