dphealer, hands in prayer pose

Hi, I’m Jah-key-tha!

a.k.a. The Divinely Preserved Healer

Greetings, beloved and welcome to my online portal! I’m so excited to see you are here as its a clear indication that you are ripe and ready to change your way of thinking and being. With that said, I too, and ready to offer you a diverse package of products and services to assist you in reaching your holistic wellness goals. My ever-expanding array of credentials from a life coach to a registered yoga teacher, natural health consultant and finally, an energy healer, all of the distinct packages found here were designed to meet you better determine where you are and where you are headed as it relates realigning your mind, body, and soul. The ultimate purpose is to help you can “get busy living” so you focus fully on “walking out” your unique life’s purpose.| Full Credentials

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