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All services can be delivered remotely to anyone in the continental US except where prohibited by law.

Holistic Nutrition/Herbalism

Interested in exploring if the right foods, supplements, and/or herbs can help you reach an optimum level of health and vitality?

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Wellness Coaching

Concerned about your health? Want to make small improvements and need help discovering where to start?

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Private Yoga

Group classes too intimidating?
Hectic work-life schedule?
Feel safer at home than in a group? Comfortable with using technology?

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Life Coaching

Feeling stuck or stagnant? Need support to get realigned and refocused? Explore our coach-led, client-directed sessions.

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Energy Healing

Surrounded by stagnant energy? Feeling drained or blocked physically or emotionally? Ready for an healtheir energetic flow?

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End-of-Life Doula

Have you (or someone close to you like a parent, spouse, child or pet) received a terminal diagnosis and you aren't sure where to start? (read more)

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"Life is like a tree and its root is consciousness. Therefore, once we tend to the root, the tree as a whole will be healthy."
~Deepak Chopra

Client Spotlight:


“My life coaching sessions with Jaketha were a great help! In the initial session, I wasn’t even entirely sure what part of my life I wanted to work on, but through her guidance and questions, I was able to pick an initial direction and being working on bettering my life. By the second session, I was getting excited and learning new things, and her guidance led me to connections in other areas of my life that I felt also needed work. In the third session, I was excited to share with her my goals of bringing balance to my life by working on multiple areas. Jaketha is skilled at helping you find these connections and areas that need work, so that you can do the work needed to better your life and yourself.”

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