Namaste (🙏🏽), I AM Jaketha…

If you’ve landed here, then you are probably wondering who I am. Well, I am Jaketha (pronounced Jah-key-tha), better known as The Divinely Preserved Healer based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Decades ago, I found myself wondering who I was. It was through a chance encounter with a pastor that I was led to look up the spiritual meaning of my name. Through that discovery, the phrase “divinely preserved” was born.

Comparing its significance comes in the aftermath of life events that had me literally questioning my own existence for being here. Surely, if I had been consciously aware of the type of life I’d be stepping into in this incarnation, I’d have asked for a new trial… Ironically, one can’t value what it means to be a highly evolved being if one isn’t intuitively reminded of our divinity as we undergo current life challenges. I’m sure you too have had life deal you a hand that you’d rather throw back. I’ve spent the majority of my life questioning my own physical (and spiritual) identity.

From my conception up until this last decade of my life, I’ve experienced nothing but shame, ridicule, trauma, betrayals, fears, and triggers. That’s nearly 30+ years of heartbreak and heartache, feeling less than or wondering about my place in this world, on this planet. From such a bleak existence, it’s easy to get lost ignoring your own needs and putting others first. I think that’s called being a people pleaser, or one who helps everyone else but themselves.

When you take such a predisposition to life, we unknowingly put ourselves last and everyone’s priorities first. In the end, once we’ve reached our burnout phase, our zero fucks mindset – we realize how our actions have become detrimental to our own well-being. Unfortunately, it took that major sickness, that job loss, or other circumstances or situations to bring us to that place where we must stop and take a look.

It’s like looking up to find that huge directory – like the one you see in the mall – when the big red circle, indicates “You are here!” Now we can’t help but look back and see how in wonder and awe: “How did I get here?” and “What do I need to get back to me?” It’s at that (0r this) vantage point, that we are finally able to see ourselves as we are, for who we really are.

“Above all else, guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life”
~Proverbs 4:23

Don’t get me wrong! We certainly all have responsibilities that need our daily attention whether it’s family, our job/employer or business, our church or community – someone is always in need of our assistance. But to continuously give to others, we must make time to give fully to ourselves – to assess our own personal level of flourishment, replenish our own spiritual and physical tanks, enrich our own lives, and evolve our own consciousness.

Some may come to this realization alone or while in a relationship with another. Whether it’s through someone your know and hold dear or through a hired relationship with a counselor, psychologist, or coach. Here’s where I come in, my intent is to help career-minded women prioritize self-care by breaking free of limiting beliefs that prevent you from truly being F.R.E.E. in your mind, body, and spirit toward total fulfillment of your unrealized hopes and dreams.

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