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Base Services

🌿 Holistic Nutrition/Herbalism (1-on-1)

Unlike holistic health and wellness coaches, focusing more on lifestyle and stress management, a holistic nutritional coach “focuses on a natural approach to a healthier diet” and on the “knowledge of the effect of food on anatomy and physiology to create nutrition and supplement-based protocols designed to help clients address health issues.” (Source) Add to that the lay or professional herbalist who serves “as a practitioner who uses medicinal herbs as a primary modality to treat…clients.” (Source) At present, this service consists of one of six available packages, click on each package to read its full description to see if it’s right for you. If you are not such which holistic healthcare package is right for you, then first book a pre-consultation so we can discuss your options. | Continue Reading… | Schedule a Pre-Consultation|

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🧭 Holistic Wellness Coaching (1-on-1)

A holistic health coach helps his/her clients live in the present, rebuild the mind/body connection, and prioritize self-care for a healthier and happier life. They work as guides assessing one’s nutritional patterns, fitness level, relationships, religious/spiritual beliefs, etc. Thus holistic health looks at the world person – mind, body, and spirit. So holistic health coaching is not a one-size-fits-all. Everyone’s needs differ; therefore, you are always in the driver’s seat. Like life coaches, holistic health coaches encourage, consult, and facilitate choices and habits that help clients reach their wellness goals. They refrain from giving advice or making decisions on their client’s behalf. | Continue Reading … | Schedule a Pre-Consultation |

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🔮 Spiritual Life Coaching (1-on-1)

Spiritual life coaches work with emotionally-healthy clients to assess their current circumstances to set goals and plan for a better you. It is not a service for those with major to severe mental/emotional conditions or traumas that may require intense therapy or hospitalization. Instead, they add a mystical level that helps clients identify and uproot stagnant beliefs that may inhibit their spiritual growth. This is an ideal service for anyone experiencing a brief “dark night of the soul” or doing soul work to clear karmic debts. | Continue Reading… | Schedule a Pre-Consultation |

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⚰️ End-of-Life Doula (1-on-1)

Also known as a death doula or a death midwife, an end-of-life doula educates and empowers clients to make end-of-life decisions while they are of sound mind and body. EoL doulas refrain from acting as a substitute or replacement for one’s hospice or other professional or familial providers; however, they often advocate regarding medical care and funeral care based on predetermined requests of the dying individual. Ultimately, they work with the terminally ill early on to create a plan of action and then set out to carry it out during any of the following times: leading up to one’s final hours, during the last hours (end of life vigil), and immediately afterward, along with burial/funeral, or post-funeral or burial. | Continue Reading…| Schedule a Free Consultation |

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Add-On Services

🔋 Energy Healing (1-on-1)

Energy healing is a gentle technique that re-balances the energy field surrounding and penetrates the human body and realigns the important chakras (or energy vortexes) to clear energetic blocks that have or could lead to physical illnesses and diseases. The healer serves as a vessel through which healing energy flows from a Higher Source (God/The Most High/Source) through the healer’s body and out through the hands, reaching the client on an energetic/auric level. We offer two healing modalities: Reiki and Pranic Healing. Unless otherwise stated, this service is only extended to the general public during special events or as an add-on service for our existing clients. | Continue Reading… |

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🔮 Intuitive Reading (1-on-1)

People often seek an INTUITIVE READING because they need a second opinion or a Divine confirmation regarding a specific matter or circumstance. Participating in an intuitive reading with a divinely-aligned reader, whether through a free collective reading (like on YouTube) or through a paid reading – is still a partnership in which everyone connects with the Universal God to extract answers or validation regarding something that “you already have an inner knowing about.” It should never be heard, received, or utilized as if making a wish, getting one’s fortune read, or treated as a lucky charm. Simply put, it’s for entertainment purposes only, and there are no guarantees that God/Spirit/Source will provide a detailed response or straightforward direction regarding your matter. An intuitive reader is simply petitioning God/Spirit on your behalf for answers to a general or specific nature, which may or may not yield desired results/answers. | Continue Reading… |

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Online/On-Demand Offerings

🕉️ Private Yoga (On-Demand or 1-on-1)

Offering in-person or remotely, Jaketha is RYT-200 registered through Yoga Alliance. She specializes in slow to medium-flow yoga designed especially for curvy or plus-sized women or anyone who considers themselves “flexibility challenged.”

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