Our overall goal is to strive to be profitable within the first year of business. Initially through an online presence and word-of-mouth not only within our service area Louisiana but also to nearby states such as Arkansas and Texas but throughout the continental US. We at The Divinely Preserved Healer strive to implement the following goals and guidelines:

  1. Decorated the Center with healing crystals, live plants, and waterfall fountains and/or sounds that create an atmosphere consistent with a healing environment. Therefore, providing visitors with an immediate welcoming feeling and a noticeable sense of relaxation. 
  2. Support and empower our clients by using a collaborative approach for offering the best of safe and effective therapeutic modalities to promote optimal wellness.
  3. Creates an efficient, cost-effective, and warm virtual office-like environment that maximizes the experience of all parties from clients to other practitioners.
  4. To better inform current and potential clients about our service offerings, all staff has first-hand knowledge and/or direct experience with giving and/or receiving the various modalities/treatments we offer. 
  5. Create open lines of communication (without violating a client’s personal information) as they also serve as resources within the local healthcare community and to the general public. Therefore, practitioners conduct educational group sessions for The Center’s client and the community at large to further expound on ancient healing techniques through knowledge and experiential learning.
  6. Create and maintain a relationship with the local teaching and community hospitals, along with creating relations with the local medical school’s research departments, especially as it relates to participating in useful, complementary alternative and medicine (CAM)-related research.
  7. Develop and use evaluation tools to determine whether it has accomplished its goals in facilitating healing and enhancing the quality of life for clients in an efficacious, cost-effective manner.
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