I’m strongly considering the COVID vaccine, but I’m still unsure, can you help me?

Honestly, to take or not take the COVID vaccine is a personal and private decision. Aside from the vaccine, what’s not being emphasized by the media and government is the long-term affect of excessive fear has on the body and how it can manifest later as real symptoms leading to a real disease or disorder.

Aside from reports of new variants of COVID – the latest one is the Omicron variant, other fears include concerns regarding if employers (or the federal government) will continue to mandate vaccines, how long will international travel bans to certain countries remain in place, and what will be required to visit a country now and in the future…and the list goes on.

I strongly suggested doing your own research and not rely solely on the advice from traditional media outlets. Tap into your own inner wisdom. Combined your intuitive/gut feelings alongside some good research skills and listening to voices that you can fully trust will lead in the right direction. Simply exploring the possible side effects of the available vaccines against your own medical conditions could save your life and thus make the decision for you. Again, the choice is yours and yours alone and you don’t have to publicize that choice to anyone but unfortunately, many are left with having to share their decisions with their employers and whatnot,

However, if you choose not to get vaccinated and a vaccine mandate is enforced, check out this guest post: How to Say No to the COVID-19 Vaccine by Richard Enos. Lastly, feel free to contact us for life or wellness coaching to explore your lifestyle changes should you need to quit or leave your job (or schooling) rather than comply with vaccine mandates.

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