Happening annually on June 21st (or sometimes on the 20th or even the 22nd depending on where you live), today marks the Summer Solstice – or the first day of summer. Aside from the hot and humid temperatures often called “the dog days of summer” (🥵) here in the southern US, this season mostly consists of outdoor events from BBQs and family reunions to summer vacations. Not to mention, nature goes through its own awakening through hungry ants, curious dragonflies, and the singing of birds by day and crickets by night. Overall, summer “…is a time of cleansing and renewal…a time of love and growth….”1https://www.aboutstonehenge.info/solstice-summer-winter/ Interesting enough, this summer is accompanied by the planets of Pluto and Saturn – both of which are retrograde.

Astronomically speaking, on this day, the sun has reached its highest point in our celestial skies, making it the “longest day of the year” in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, astrological speaking, the sun appears to have stood still and remained at attention for at least three days2Joshua 10:12-14. Like clockwork, this day marks the start of the season for the watery sign of Cancer (♋︎). Now, let’s look at this season’s guest stars, Pluto and Saturn.

In English, the word solstice comes from the Latin word solstitium, meaning “sun standing still”. It seems to suggest a brief pause as the sun reaches its most extreme point (as experienced on Earth) before the direction of travel is reversed.”3https://www.bbc.com/news/world-42440796

Pluto Retrograde

Several months ago (April 29th), the planet Pluto went retrograde (in the sign of Capricorn ). The now-downgrade planet continues to serve as the “planet of rebirths and transformations”. It marks a time when old wounds are reopened and we are left to willingly face the pain or bury, wash and repeat at a later date. Overlapping with the sign of Cancer could unearth a lot of emotions but this isn’t meant to be a bad thing. For those up for the challenge, it provides the ideal timeframe in which to self-assess ourselves, our lives, and our environment to see what needs to stay versus what needs to go. Since it’ll be around for a few more months, here are some tips for navigating its rocky waves until it goes direct on October 28th:

  • Take a self-assessment. Self-audit your lives – the people, the places, the things. Locate any entrapments that we may to free ourselves from (since the last Pluto Rx). Also, look for the blessings in disguises, the overlooked opportunities. Take what you find and set goals to water it more or set it free.
  • If you aren’t ready, admit it! Like a leaky boat, it’s easy to find areas of our lives that need fixing and another thing to actually put in the work to correct the problem. Sometimes we just want to be aware of it but aren’t ready to get our hands dirty and that’s okay. Perhaps that’s something you can set aside for a later date. But if you can’t, take an inventory of what is going right in your life, what is in your favor, and let those be your motivations until the sun shines again. that are Honestly contemplate each entrapment and ask ourselves is this an area I’m ready to change in/for…
  • Reassess your perspective. If you’ve ever driven while the summer sun was beaming down on your windshield, then you know how hard it is to navigate your way especially if driving on a busy highway. It makes it hard to see the path before you. The same is true when we are distracted or blinded by the success of those around us. Here, you should reassess what a successful life looks like for you. Are you blinded by the opinions of society, your parents, your friends, etc.? It’s time to recalibrate your own success compass.😎
Saturn Retrograde

The more the merrier, right? Just a few weeks ago (June 4th), going retrograde in Aquarius (♒︎) comes Saturn also considered as “the strict parent” comes to the 3Rs planet linked to restrictions, rules, and responsibilities. Simply put, Saturn is the one that rips the band-aid off and doesn’t care if it hurts. As one source explains, it “brings a sense of security and stability, teaches life lessons, and strengthens boundaries.”4Bustle.com With this slow-moving, karma-focused planet in the mix, one might be forced to make different choices. As Pluto unearths past emotional hurts we haven’t fully dealt with, Saturn is here to say: “Now what the hell are you gonna do about?” From the friend to the job/career that no longer serves, just let go and trust that all is [still] well! 🙏🏾


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