Of course, everyone knows that Father’s Day falls in June, but did you also know that June is Men’s Health Month, which is traceable back to 1994 when then-president Bill Clinton signed a bill establishing National Men’s Health Week. It fell during the week of Father’s Day.

Do we even need to ask why such is even needed? For one, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identifies the three leading causes of death among men as heart disease, cancer (prostate – PDF and testicular – PDF), and finally unintentional accidents. In general, women are far more accustomed to visiting their doctors on a routine basis. Men, on the other hand, are far more accustomed to “toughing it out” until finally pain or other symptoms force them to go. So if “health is wealth,” then maintaining one’s health is a macho thing to do, right?

So what can you do to keep the “goodfella(s)” in your life at their healthiest? Talk to them about their health to gauge their awareness of any current symptoms but even more so, to let them know just how important they are to you (and your family). Another way to show support is to participate in WEAR BLUE DAY –  Friday, June 18th to bring awareness to men’s health. Lastly, The Divinely Preserved Healer is offering a special functional blood work analysis review for only $99 for the entire month of June. Send us your most recent traditional bloodwork and we can tell you what patterns we see – although we can’t diagnosis. To learn more, visit Men’s Health Month at https://www.menshealthmonth.org.

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