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Do you offer a sliding scale or payment plans?

At present, holistic packages that exceed $300 are typically presented via a preset payment plan. You of course also have the option to pay in full. For those experiencing legitimate financial constraints yet are still highly interested in receiving holistic health, please check out our newest partnership with the Open Path Healing Arts Collective. (OPHA). Through OPHA, …

Do you offer free consultations?

Unlike other holistic practitioners, we do not offer free consultations except at our free clinics or low-cost community-based events. Instead, we offer a low-cost, roll-over pre-consultation fee of $55 USD. Unless otherwise stated, pre-consultations are required for all clients. Honestly, our pre-consultation fees are designed to identify those who are truly serious about holistic health and have …

What are your fees?

Our fees vary based on service. Fees – for all available services – are posted here. Please note that some services are only available to current clients – see also: “Do you accept insurance…?”

Do you accept insurance?

As unlicensed holistic health providers, we cannot accept traditional insurance and thus operate as a self-pay practice. Unless on a payment plan, full payment is due at the time of sign-up and in some cases, after the first initial appointment. However, if not on a payment plan, clients pay for their visits/treatments/sessions at each appointment. …

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