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What is a “personalized nutrition protocol” and why do I need it?

For all holistic nutritional appointments, we ask you what is your primary and secondary complaints? We then take details regarding your past health history and current health state to devise for you a personalized nutrition protocol. A personalized nutrition protocol (a/ka/holistic protocol) is a written assessment offering recommendations in the areas of diet/nutrition, lifestyle/exercise, minerals, …

Can I hide or disguise my face during a telehealth session?

We’d hope you wouldn’t want to. 😃 A virtual session is still considered a face-to-face meeting except it’s through an online platform. If safety or privacy is a concern, telehealth appointments are handled within a private and secure client management application that you access via the web on your portable device or web browser on …

Do you offer free consultations?

Unlike other holistic practitioners, we do not offer free consultations except during free clinics. Instead, we offer a low-cost pre-consultation for $25 USD, which is nonrefundable. Pre-consultations are required for all new clients unless otherwise indicated. It’s during that meeting, we can officially meet one another and if we decide to work together, that fee …

Where do we meet for “in-person” appointments?

Unless otherwise stated, all services are delivered or handled remotely. However, those who live in the Shreveport-Bossier City area, by appointment only, can come for their appointment at our temporary office located at 8575 Fern Avenue, Suite 106-B.

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