Do you offer free consultations?

Unlike other holistic practitioners, we typically do not offer free consultations except at free clinics or low-cost offerings, such as via our nonprofit partnerships. Instead, we offer a low-cost, nonrefundable pre-consultation for around $35 USD.

Honestly, our pre consultation fee is designed to identify those who are serious about holistic health and are willing to invest even a small out-of-pocket expense to show that they are a team player, ready and willing to partner together to accomplish their divine goals/direction.

It’s only during a pre-consult that we “formally meet” and get a feel for one another. If, as a result of that meeting, we decide to continue on together, that fee will be deducted from the total price of the service or package if signed up for in a reasonable timeframe.

Unless otherwise stated, a pre-consultation is required for all clients. However, energy healing sessions – Reiki or Pranic Healing – typically do not require a pre-consultation.

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